Luminys 30k LabLight System

Luminys 30k LabLight System


The Luminys 30K LabLight is the first mobile high intensity lighting system specifically designed for high speed shots
that require exceptional light output for high-speed photography.

Luminys’ 30K High Speed Light features a wrap around soft light source filling in shadows and bringing never-before-seen
detail with fewer compact high efficiency lights, as well as greater control and reliability for producing unmatched high-speed
photographic results.

[High Res Tiff can be extracted from Motion files]

Luminys 30k LabLight is available in Parabolic (above left) and Linear (above right)

Dimensions 18” x 18” x 33”
Weight 270 Pounds
Input Power 220 VAC, 12 amps (50-60Hz)


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