Chimera Light Banks

Super PRO Lightbanks:

Available in Standard, Shallow and Strip styles. The Standard and Shallow Super PRO Lightbanks can accept up to three flash heads using accessory brackets.

  • Offers natural, window-like lighting that’s controllable and perfect for your subjects.
  • A removable internal baffle increases diffusion and gives a more even spread of light across the front screen.  Remove it when you need more power!
  • Features a recessed front screen that controls lens flare and fall-off and allows accessories to be attached.
  • Choose silver interior walls for slightly more specular highlights, or white interior walls, for a more even spread of light across the front screen.
  • Can use 1/4 and 1/2 grid Front Screens to achieve more light transmission.
  • Five sizes available in Standard Banks, four sizes available in Shallow Banks and three sizes available in Strip Banks.

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