Briese Focus Lighting

Briese Focus Lighting

Headlight is pleased to be one of a handful of vendors endorsed by Briese Lighting of Hamburg Germany. We carry a full line of Briese Focus Cinema lights in Strobe, Tungsten and HMI.

Briese patented technology achieves a unique light that is completely controllable. Clean highlights, vibrant blacks, and rich contrasts. Excellent light return with low power consumption. Precise German engineering. Please feel free to browse our selection of Briese equipment below:

Briese Umbrellas

Briese Head Adapted to Profoto Pack *

Briese H2 and H5 Tungsten Lamheads

Briese T4 HMI

Briese T6 HMI

Mini Briese Strip 60×130

Med Briese Strip 70×170

Maxi Briese Strip 85×200

Briese Down Light