PRG Foton

PRG introduces the next generation of digital lighting with its TruColor® Series lighting fixtures. The TruColor line represents the pinnacle of affordably priced white light solutions, employing the most advanced technologies available.

First in the series is the TruColor Foton: a small, lightweight and versatile variable-beam source. Producing a
95+ CRI, the Foton is the most color- accurate digital light source designed specifically for motion picture, broadcast and professional photography. The Foton virtually eliminates the challenges of lighting with the discontinuous spectrum inherent in most LED lighting sources. Instead, completely natural-looking light is generated using remote phosphor technology, requiring no color correction while correlating perfectly with professional light and color meters.


Optimized output for film, video and still photography
High-quality color rendering, with cri>95
Small and lightweight
1,000 lumen output, using less than 30 watts
Direct-drive array means no flicker at any frame rate
Passive cooling-no fans, no noise
Variable beam angle using quick-connect reflectors – 10˚ to 120˚

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