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Gekko Kelvin Tile

The Kelvin Technology Series LED-based lighting system provides unlimited variable color temperature, creating a new level of flexibility in lighting. Kelvin®TILES have a unique mix of 6 LEDs resulting in a high-quality, broad spectrum white light specifically developed for film and video applications. Unlike traditional lighting products, color temperature remains consistent throughout the full range of intensity variation.

The Kelvin® TILE is a professional lighting unit developed specifically to adapt to the dynamic requirements of film and video shoots. The TILE can be ordered with an industry standard v-mount to allow flexible, battery powered operation. These LED-based fixtures operate with a fraction of the power required by traditional professional lighting and with little to no heat emission.

All Kelvin Technology fixtures offer three modes of control. The Kelvin PAINTBOX is a remote system which allows a series of parameters to be saved, recalled, and cloned. The Kelvin Technology Series supports full implementation of DMX, while the Kelvin® TILE also offers local control for standalone operation.

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